The New Menu

The new menu adds a lot more flexibility to TGCat for new features and helps to greatly reduce the amount of data needed to be sent to your computer. Here is a quick guide to get you going on the new design...

Search | Change columns/Tables | Sort data | Download Data | Plots and Summary

Search for observations

To search tgcat mouse over the "Query" menu item in the upper left corner of your browser. There will be several options to choose from, select the one that best suites your search by clicking the menu item

Follow the guidlines for the search form you chose and then, when satisfied select "submit" at the bottom of the form


Find the "Quick Search" menu item at the top left of your browser and hover over it with your mouse. You will see an entry box which can be selected and text can be entered. Once your criteria are entered ( see search help for more information )

Change columns or view other tables

When you have succesfully searched and gotten to a data table, the bottom left corner of your screen will indicate how many rows and from what table your data have been retrieved. for instance "Quick search" on "TW Hya" and the resulting data page will indicate that it has "Loaded source table: 1 rows"

From here to view the extractions table for your query locat and hover over the "View" menu up top and locate and click the "View Extractions Table" item. The status bar will now indicate that it has "Loaded extractions table: 5 rows"

In the same "View" menu you will find an item called "Change display columns". By clicking this you will bring up the dialog allowing you to choose from the various available fields for the given table type ( "Extractions" or "Source" )

Sort your data table

In the data view page, under the "View" menu at the top of the page you will find a "Sort" option that when hovered will leaf out allowing you to select "Primary Order" and "Secondary Order" both "Asc" and "Desc" for each field in your table. "Secondary" will sort within each grouping of the "Primary" sort or the previous "Secondary" sort.

Download Data

From a data page ( "source" or "extraction" ) first select one or more rows from the resulting list, then locate the "Action" menu at the top of your browser and hover over it. Find and click the "Download" option. A dialog will pop up allowing you to choose the desired set of data products, enter your email in order to recieve a notification of completion ( downloads get processed in a FIFO queue system ) and optionally tag the download ( this can make it easier to locate in the list ). The email notification will provide a link directly to the packaged data, or you can click on "Package Download Area" under the "TGCat" menu to retrieve any currently staged package ( not only your own ), where your queued packages will be highlighted.

Summary Preview and Combined Plotting

As in the original version, when viewing a data page, simply click on the "object" field to view the preview page for that extraction. New in this version are "multi extraction" products which display average trends among selected observations and display all available summary products for them on one screen making comparisons easy. If the "object" field is not shown ( see how to change columns ) the "v" link will navigate the the summary page

Alternatively, you can select one or more rows from a data table and select "Plot ( combined )" from the "Actions" menu at the top of your browser. This will show a "single" or "mulit" extraction preview for the selected item(s).

Once on a preview page the "View" menu will provide many options such as plotting, stand alone file retrieving, viewing spectral properties and VV Report

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