About TGCat

The Chandra Grating-Data Archive and Catalog (TGCat) makes grating spectra easily viewable and accessible. The browse-able interface to analysis-quality spectral products (binned spectra and corresponding response files), with the addition of summary graphical products and model-independent flux properties tables make it easy to find observations of a particular object, type of object, or type of observation, to quickly assess the quality and potential usefulness of the spectra, and to download the data and responses as a package.

In addition to the data, portable reprocessing scripts, using CXC and other publicly available software (which were used to create the archive) are also available, facilitating standard or customized reprocessing from Level 1 archive data to spectra and responses with minimal interaction.

In addition to standard products for single point-sources, we will add custom extractions of more complex sources, such as close or extended sources, and we will provide some aggregate products from multiple observations of the same object.


TGCat development was directed by David Huenemoerder, who is also responsible for reprocessing scripts. Arik Mitschang is responsible for design and implementation of the database and web interface. For ongoing support, review, and testing we thank John Davis, Dan Dewey, John Houck, Herman Marshall, Doug Morgan, Joy Nichols, Mike Noble, Mike Nowak, and Norbert Schulz.

If you use TGCat in your research, please cite Huenemoerder et al 2011.

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