Known Bugs

If any bugs are found that are not listed below, please send any comments or updates to the TGCat administrator at

Unable to click on plotting parameter boxes

TGCat allows users to plot spectra with either default parameters or saved parameters. Once a plot is loaded, a dropdown screen allows users to modify the plot parameters to best highlight any desired features of the spectrum.

The plotting parameters in the dropdown menu should be accessible by either clicking on the options with a mouse or tabbing through via keyboard. However, some browsers or operating systems, or security settings do not allow the four plot range parameters (Xmin, Xmax, Ymin, Ymax) to be editable by simply clicking the box. First press the 'TAB' key and then a mouse click can be used to select the desired box.

Blank Plotting parameters

Some browsers on some platforms do not properly display the ploting controls menus --- they sometimes are blank. Try any of the following:

Search results Filter doesn't function

When a search returns more than one result, the user has the option to filter the results based on certain criteria. To find the filter: A dropdown menu should appear with three input options for the filtering criteria. However, the filter operators do not render properly and prevent proper execution of the filter. This is currently under investigation and will be fixed as soon as possible.

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